"Om Shanti Om"

"Om Shanti Om"
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Fog In The Forest

the dampness hits my lungs
and I cough
but it soon alleviates
my body and soul

nature is never bad
it is only my body that has been corrupted by unnatural things
of everyday life

fog forest green leaves

soon the mist will lift
the darkness of night will be gone
and the sun will shine bright
a lesson for me here
do not despair
after the darkness of the night
always comes light

mist tall trees

fog dissipating woods

the fog is thick
and the road is damp
the miles stretch before me
there is the unknown beyond
even nature is sullen
shorn of its usual vivacious colors
but I brood not

Mother Nature
even when in a sullen mood
is better than anything else

road fog trees autumn

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