"Om Shanti Om"

"Om Shanti Om"
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In this age of haste, lack of rest and information overload finding peace of mind is not easy. We chew upon what has already happened, are nervous because of our current situation and worried about the future.

Many relaxation processes are reduced to alcohol, coffee and cigarettes or extreme hobbies.

 Meanwhile, there are very simple methods to find peace of mind in just a few minutes. We remembered many as 37 of such methods.

 1. Take a deep breath count one-two-three-four silently, hold your breath for the same period, then exhale just as slowly.

 2. Pick up a pen and write down your thoughts on paper.

 3. Recognize that life IS a complicated thing.

 4. Write down three of its most successful events in your life.

 5. Tell a friend or loved one what he or she means to you.

 6. Sit on the porch and do nothing. Promise yourself to do it more often.

 7. Allow yourself to just laze around for a while.

 8. Look at the clouds for a few minutes.

 9. Fly over your life in your imagination.

 10. Give a few coins to charity.

 11. Imagine that you are inside a transparent protective bubble that protects you.

 12. Put your hand on your heart and feel it beating. It's great.

 13. Promise yourself that no matter what happens you will maintain a positive attitude until the end of the day.

 14. Be grateful that you do not always get what you want.

 15. Allow your body to do what it wants at this moment (nothing illegal, of course).

 16. Smell fresh flowers.

 17. Listen to the voice of your inner critic (conscience), as if it is your best friend.

 18. Identify the most intense part of your body. Tighten it with all your might for a few seconds and then relax.

 19. Go out and touch something 100% natural. Feel the texture.

 20. Smile  the most stupid smile in the world, and imagine what you look like.

 21. Imagine that you are connected to the earth and your roots extend to the center of the planet.

 22. Do yourself a head massage with all ten fingers.

 23. Feel the ground beneath your bare feet and realize a connection to our land.

 24. Stop concentrating on others.

 25. Decide to say "no."

 26. Make a list of all the problems that bother you. Then filter out the ones that are not very important.

 27. Drink water (dehydration causes stress).

 28. Be aware of the difference between your desires and needs.

 29. Think of the vastness of the universe and understand how invisible your troubles are.

 30. Avoid quick solutions to complex problems and seek to solve it on a deeper level.

 31. Take some extra time to communicate with your child.

 32. Write down the best advice you've ever received and apply it.

 33. Walk your dog.

 34. Close your eyes and let the sun warm your eyelids.

 35. Give yourself the opportunity to admit your mistakes.

 36. Take a look at other people and recognize that they are people just like you - with their hopes, dreams, fears and struggles.

 37. Agree that there will always be someone richer, smarter, and more ....

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