"Om Shanti Om"

"Om Shanti Om"
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Tornadoes: Nature's Fury: BEST IMAGES

Leaves stood still, and our hearts stood still,
But the sky was a-boil with clouds,
A coppery wrack, and the greenish black
Of shrouds.
We dove for shelter and none too soon.
The universe swayed and swirled,
And the monstrous horn of a unicorn
Gored the world.
-May Williams Ward.

A monster tornado unleashes its wrath across Alvo, Nebraska, travelling at over 70mph


Are you angry, Mother?
Otherwise why would you be so angry?
So destructive
Is it because we do not understand
The extent to which we depend on you
The water we drink
The food we eat
The air we breathe
The earth we stand on
It is you who has given this all
Do you get angry, hurt at times?
That we are so ungrateful
And that we abuse you all the time
No mother!
Don't turn away from us
They call it climate change
I call it an exasperated, angry Mother Earth


A cloud over Sioux City, Iowa, is whipped into a massive, spaceship-like doughnut a mile in diameter

A violent swirling mass darkens the skies over Grand Island, Nebraska and creates a mini electrical storm

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